Your Destination for Spruce Sawn Timber

At SETCO L.L.C-FZ we take two things very seriously: spruce-sawn timber and customer satisfaction. That is why our timber is consistently of the absolute highest quality: responsibly sourced and custom cut to your exact requirements, then shipped to you internationally.

Your <span class='idk_secund_color'>Destination</span> for Spruce Sawn Timber
<span class='idk_secund_color'>Fast & Reliable</span> Shipping

Fast & Reliable Shipping

We know how much of a hassle it can be to wait for materials. Maybe you need timber for construction projects, and any delay is costing you precious profit. Perhaps you are making furniture or musical instruments, and you need to be able to tell your customers when their products will be ready. Whatever you need spruce-sawn timber for, you can rely on us to get it to you quickly, and when it does arrive – it will be exactly what you ordered.

Responsible Forestry and Logging

All of our timber is sourced from the forests of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria. We work hard to ensure that all the logging activity that we undertake is responsibly managed, ensuring that we leave no environmental damage behind us and that sufficient replanting occurs to guarantee future stocks.

<span class='idk_secund_color'>Responsible</span> Forestry and Logging
<span class='idk_secund_color'>Quality</span> Assured

Quality Assured

The spruce-sawn timber that we supply is all processed, treated, and cut in one of our three industrial sawmills in southern Europe, with more than 2.5 million square feet of storage and processing facilities. This gives us direct control over every element of the production of your materials and means we can constantly measure and monitor the quality of the stocks we ship.