About Us

About Us

SETCO L.L.C-FZ operates as an exclusive agent of ASIKS D.O.O. and ASIKS COMPANY D.O.O., to provide a globally available, steady, and reliable source of essential timber materials. We are a Dubai based trading company, sourcing much of the raw material that we ship from the lush forests of South-Eastern Europe. All our logs are responsibly harvested before moving to treatment, processing, and custom cutting – ensuring you always receive the highest quality of spruce-sawn timber available on the market.

We ship ready-to-use timber from ports located around Europe – specifically Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy – and can supply you with your order, quickly and efficiently, around the world.

SETCO L.L.C-FZ has been operating in the spruce-sawn timber industry for almost four decades, so we have the skills, experience, equipment, contacts, and sector-specific know-how to make sure you are always satisfied with your shipment.

It is our goal as an organization to become the leading source of global spruce-sawn timber. To that end, we work with buyers and other trading companies around the world to put our timber in the hands of end users. Our quality is guaranteed, as is our dedication to building long-term relationships – with SETCO L.L.C-FZ, you can be assured that we are here for you wherever and whenever you need us.

Facts and Figures

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the home of incredible forestry – in fact, there are over 3 million hectares of forests and forest land. More than 50% of these are "tall forests" and more than a million hectares are coppice.

The variety of forest types is in large part down to the geography of the region – which incorporates both the Mediterranean coastline and central mountains.

Wood exports are a huge part of the Bosnia and Herzegovina economy, placed at number five in the top exports for products and resources – just under 7% of annual exports are wood.

SETCO launched in 2022 as an international timber trading agency based in the Middle East.

The Middle East, and particularly Dubai, is a major hub for international timber trading.

Banks in the United Arab Emirates are uniquely set up to cater to large-scale international transfers – making it very easy for transactions and payments to be processed.

SETCO is the primary international sales and trading agent for ASIKS D.O.O. and ASIKS COMPANY D.O.O. – an organization that operates more than 2.5 million square feet of sawmill premises over three sites within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In addition, SETCO has cooperative relationships with sawmills across Croatia, Slovenia, and Austria.

We are 100% focused on customer satisfaction – we provide the highest quality spruce-sawn timber exactly as ordered and with accurately communicated delivery times.

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